Insert Page Numbers v2

Insert Page Numbers v2

Artboards made their appearance in CS4, and ever since, users have asked the logical question “can I add page numbers to my Artboards?”. The Answers has been a quick “No”….until now, by way of a script.

// Illustrator Insert Page Numbers v2 Script

it’s primary use is to insert page numbers but it can insert anything you type in the input box.
there are a few keywords to use to insert date, time, full name, and file name.

to insert

  • page number – type – *page*
  • total pages – type –  *pages*
  • date – type –  *date*
  • time – type –  *time*
  • full name – type –  *fname*
  • file name – type –  *file*

for example to insert “page 1 of 12” type “page *page* of *pages*” (without quotes).

Note, in this version, pressing “Ok” does not dismiss the dialog. The idea is to be able to enter for example:
Pages on bottom right, and file name on bottom left without having to fire the script twice.

One more thing, press ESC to close the dialog.


12 thoughts on “Insert Page Numbers v2

  1. Hi Carlos …Thanks for the script… It is useful for starting the numbering.
    But, if there are many Illustrator files, say 4 files of 15 artboards each and one wants to continue the numbering…
    1st Ai files – has 1 to 15, the 2nd Ai file has to have the numbering starting from 16 to 30
    BUT this script restarts from 1 again and not as a continuity.
    So can you please have another option in the dialog box to “SPECIFY the STARTING INDEX”
    I guess a lot of people have the same thought!
    Please do a future release! Thanks

  2. Hi
    Awesome script! Is there a way to have the script place numbers in the left corner of odd numbered pages and the right corner in even numbered pages so that when we run it we can submit it for print with numbers in the correct corners?


  3. hey, i have a problem and i really need your help… your script’s really usefull, but i have over 100 artboard (example: i have 150 artboard) and AI just give you 100 artboard for each file, so i have save on 2 file ai. In first file ai, your script is ok, but in second file, i cannot make number page from 100th page.
    Can you upgrade your script??? i do with more artboard, so i need your script so much…
    Ah, can you plus whitle line for your number? (incase i must print with black background.)

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