About this page

I (Paal Joachim) visit the Adobe forums on occasion and came across an Illustrator script that helps with creating page numbers. A few people mentioned that Carlos should have a web site to where the script could reside. And I thought why not. So in pure inspiration I asked Carlos if he had thought about a web site. He had but did not know much about creating web sites. The conclusion came that I would create a web site for him (He mostly runs it by himself these days).

Why….. not sure. I was inspired and originally made the aiscripts site you see.

I create web sites and I help people gain WordPress knowledge through my easy to follow tutorials and specialized training. Contact me for more information on how I can improve your WordPress skills and to help get your web site quickly up and running. Check out my tutorial site here: www.easywebdesigntutorials.com.

Have a great day and enjoy the site.
Paal Joachim
4 August 2012.