Open multipage PDF

Open Multi-Page PDF

Have you ever needed to edit a PDF in Illustrator? or maybe just open a PDF to copy a couple of elements? If you have, then you know that you have to open the PDF and choose the page you wish to open, close the file and if you need to work on a different page you have no choice but to repeat the process…as many times as needed. It gets annoying very quickly, there must be an easier way, right? Right, by way of a script, it will basically do all the tedious work for us.







Installing and Executing Scripts


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  4. Really great script! Thanks a lot!

    I have one suggestion for improvement though:
    It would be great to import the pages linked and maybe with an option to reduce transparency.

    Many customers provide pdf files with embedded corporate fonts, but don’t supply the font it self. By opening an pdf as linked and then use “reduce transparency” on it you get the text with its original looks as path without the need for the font.
    Right now the text gets a replacement font.

    I do not know anything about programming, but line 120 seems to be the responsable line:

    // Open a file using these preferences
    var pdfDoc = open(fileRef, DocumentColorSpace.RGB);

    1. Yes, it’s possible. I might add an option to choose orientation in the next version. For now, please use Rearrange Artboards command after the script is done. Thanks

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      1. HI Ruby, are you not getting a multipage pdf after saving? what method are you using?

        Saving as PDF using both Illustrator Default and Illustrator Default without Preserving Illustrator Editing produce multipage pdf documents.


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  7. Hi Carlos, The script doesn’t seem to work for me 🙁 When I click on the exec file, it gives me an error “AI_openMultiPagePDF_CS4_CS5.v1.02.jsx 2” can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer. I am on Mac, is there a solution for this? Thanks.

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  9. I like this script most but Its only open file but I need to place file …because when I open the file its change font and optimal performance..can you add an option like Place or Open the file.

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  12. This is great. Adobe tried to implement this feature in the last update, but they did not succeed in my opinion. You’ll open them up, and they’ll all be linked documents, and then when you embed them, the size changes. What?? Your plugin works so much better than that. Thank you.

  13. First of all, i had used this script so many times. Thanks to you.
    Just note to all user, triple check your artwork after using this script.
    I had 1 problem after using this script. Some artwork may output differently and may lose some effect.
    I’m using Illustrator CS6. From now on, i’m using the script with caution.

  14. Dear Carlos – I’m still old school illustrator version. MANY thanks for this genius script. It will save me a heap of time over the coming weeks as I need to tweak pages and pages of barcode labels. I just wish I’d found you and your site earlier.

    I wish you all the very best in the future !


  15. THIS IS THE BEST SCRIPT EVER AND I WISH I KNEW ABOUT IT EARLIER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very helpful for me and thank you for sharing your work. It has helped me tremendously!

  16. Increíble el script, muchas gracias Carlos, eres un “Crack”. Funciona muy bien y me ha sorprendido que mantenga las tipografías del PDF editables. En CC 2017 sobre Sierra funciona.

    Muchas Gracias!

  17. Thank you so much for this !
    I had a heavy file with multiple graphics so i opened it up in bunches of 20 pages.

    However it doesn’t seem to function with a 3 digit number for pages.

    So although i have 154 pages i cannot use this for pages from 100 to 154 otherwise it worked fine. Is there any workaround which worked for anybody ?

  18. Would be awesome if it could recognize how many pages are in the .pdf and auto-populate that in the range fields… or give me a ‘all’ button to choose all or range.

    As it stands now, I have to guess how many pages are in the document, overshooting the number to make sure I get them all and then have to go clean up and delete all of the duplicates

  19. Hi, This is great. But is there a way that I can use this to open up the pages on my current document. I have a document template which is set to A4, every time I run the script it opens the pages on a new document. Thank you.

  20. It doesn’t work in my Illustrator CC 2018, I’ve tried to import different pdf files with different pages, both vectors and bitmaps. But the importation just freeze at the end of the process and the program never able to come back until I terminate it.

    It work perfectly in 2017 though, adobe must have made some changes to the program. Hopefully looking for a new version of this script.

  21. I am working with Illustrator CC. I have downloaded and put the script in the presets/scripts folder. When I have illustrator open and go to scripts–it shows up there, and lets me browse for the multi page pdf, and choose it, but the file name doesnt show up in the file name area, and I can pick pages as well–but the open button never activates.

    Can you possibly shed some light on this? thanks!

  22. I have a question about it even this is a very old post, maybe someone still reads it.

    Is there a script or plugin to import multiple pages of PDF to Adobe Illustrator but to place more pages on 1 artboard on a specific position on it?

    I was searching for this for a long time but unfortunately couldnt find the answer that could help me in my workflow.

    Hope for a respond, this would saves me a lot of time. Best regards,

    1. Goran,

      I can probably write the illustrator script to assist your workflow. I need some more specifics regarding the position and placement on the artboard. Please reply to my email: tarprints ( at )

  23. Hi Carlos! Thank you so much for this!

    My only worry is that do I have to logate the script every time I want to open a pdf with multible pages? I mean if I click in the pdf “open in illustrator” -> illustrator opens with the same old “choose a page”-pdf opener…So I always have to go to the script file and click the script to open multiple pages?

    1. Hello Hanna, yes if you open your pdf as usual via File Open Menu you’ll always open 1 page at a time. If you plan on opening the file multiple times, save a copy as ai native format then save a copy to pdf after you make your edits.

  24. Carlos… I love you!!!! 😉 I had to make a bunch of little signs which I had set up in InDesign then exported to a Multi-page PDF but my vinyl jockey’s rip software wouldn’t play nice with the file. I was able to open the PDF and run this script which got all the pages to one multi-artboard .ai file.

    Now i have to backsave these to a version 10 .ai for his rip BUT this should be able to allow him to gang-up as necessary to fit his media. Fingers Crossed.

    Thank you

  25. Hello

    I have an issue with the script. I added it to my scripts in Ai a while ago and now I can’t get rid of it. It’s deleted from my Scripts, but still it appears in AI and Photoshop. I don’t know what to do… can you help?

  26. I have been running this script no problem in Illustrator CC 2017 on Windows 7. I had just had my laptop re-imaged with Windows 10 and now the script takes a long time to run (usually within 15 seconds for about 15 pages with Windows 7, but now about 100 + seconds for 15 pages with Windows 10). Any thoughts as why this is?

  27. Hi Carlos,

    do you know of any way to determine the number of pages in a multi-page pdf before trying to open them?
    PDFFileOptions only has the option to specify the page to be opened.

    This might be useful for your script as well as right now the user has to know how many pages it has. Ideally, it would default to the full page range instead.



  28. For MAC Users very sample:
    Once you have downloaded the script, Copy it and Open Mac HD/Applications/Adobe lllustrator CS6 or CC/Presets/en_AE or en_US/Scripts = Just Past script file and close your illustrator and open.

    File > Scripts > AI_openMultiPagePDF_CS4_CS5.v1.02

  29. HI I downloaded this plug in because i have a PDF with 400 individual bingo cards on them. I tried to open the first 50 (as per the gentlemen note above, doing small batches) and it opened the 50, but turned them all black and you could barely make out the logos on it and the numbers vanished.

    Any ideas?

  30. I’ve used it and it worked just fine.
    But there’s been a few time when it wont recognize any language and all text becomes just signs.

    Any ideas for solutions?

        1. Hi Daniel, did you generate the PDF? if so the problem usually happen when saving a pdf from MS Office, avoid default Calibri font and resave the pdf.

          If you received the pdf from other sources. I Open your PDF in Acrobat Pro, changed the font and resave. That took care of the problem.

          Let us know if it works.


  31. This script is perfect! Can I ask you for a favor? If the PDF is protected and I know the password, is it possible to use the script too so that I do not need to paste 5-6 times if there are 5-6 pages.

    Thank you!

  32. Can i ask if its possible to do this but lay them all on a specified artboard size? For exacmple 2000mm x 1000mm and fill it with the multi page pdf?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      1. I also would love to know how to get them to drop into their own artboard, script running fine but they are all dropping on top of each other on one artboard?
        A3 sized artboards would suffice

  33. Thanks for this epic plugin! It has come in REALLY handy for a couple of years now on CS6 and has worked fine… until now.
    The plugin will not open and I am getting the command:
    Error 22: Window does not have a constructor.
    Line 16
    -> var win = new Window (“dialog”, “MTools – Open Multipage PDF”);

    Can you give any direction?
    Much appreciated!

  34. Thank you so much for this!
    This saved me so much time, and i can finally submit my grandutation document on time! I think i might just include you in my acknowledgement section 😀

  35. Excellent plugin, works great in the latest CC on Windows.
    At first it appeared like it was loading all pages on top of each other, but once completed it was all laid out as expected with separate artboards for each page. Perfect!

  36. Hello Carlos, thank you soooooo much for this incredible tool.

    I thought I would share some bugs that I am encoutering.

    When opening a pdf with a large number of pages, over 100 pages, it is better to open it in batches of 50 pages, otherwise the screen freezes before opening all of the pages. ==> easy and not a real problem, just need to know this

    However, sometimes, after having opened pages 1-50 and then 51 to 100, I just get a blank screen when trying another batch (example: 101 to 150)….this would be great to fix 🙂

    Thanks again for this wonderful tool

    1. Regarding this issue:
      “However, sometimes, after having opened pages 1-50 and then 51 to 100, I just get a blank screen when trying another batch (example: 101 to 150)….this would be great to fix ?”

      I think I found the reason for sometimes getting a blank page and this might help others in the same situation.

      Never try to open a range that goes from (for example) a two digit page number to a three digit page number (from 90 to 150 for example).
      It is better to work in batches and then combine all resulting pdfs (once you have worked on them in AI and saved back to pdf format) into one master pdf (with pages 1 to 150 in this example) using combine function in acrobat pro reader.
      So, open 1-50, 51-99, 100-150, this should work without any issue.
      If I try any number below 100 to a number above 100, I just get a blank page…
      Hope it helps!

  37. Como abrir archivos pdf con mutiples páginas en illustrator.
    Abrir archivo pdf varias páginas en Illustrator.

    Gracias por tremendo aporte, funciona en Illustrator CS6 perfectamente.

    Thank you for amazing post,work perfectly in Illustrator CS6

  38. No suelo escribir nada en los foros, si bien me ayudan en los malos momentos como este. Por eso te digo que es un aporte GENIAL, debe ser gratificante saber que ayudas a tanta gente.

    Aunque no he llegado a saber como guardarlo dentro del programa para el futuro, utilizo illustrator CC para MAC.


    1. Hay una extensión que se llama JSX Launcher, no recuerdo si viene por default o la instale, pero seguro la encuentras en google. Al abrirla por primera vez, selecciona dentro y te aparecerá una ventana en la que elegirás la ubicación de tus scripts, osea puedes crear una carpeta con todos los scripts que quieras y se cargarán como botones dentro esta extensión, si quieres usar alguno solo das click y listo correrá el script. Si quieres agregar o quitar scripts solo agregalos o quitalos de la carpeta configurada y listo ahora ya sabes como 😉

  39. When opening the script it opens in after effects… I manually opened in AI but I do not understand how to make this work.. Can you please give some more instructions? I am working on creative cloud. Thanks!

  40. Thanks it worked well on my 2015 AI CC

    I wonder if there is a way to make a script to mimic File-Place so that the pdf pages are embedded. This would help save a lot of time when setting up client PDF’s for print.

  41. I loved this script it did exactly waht I needed in the past but now that I’m using the latest version of Illustrator it doesn’t work. It opens the first page of the PDF then returns to the Ui window. If I click open again it creates blanks documents. 🙁

  42. Today was a good day, not because I did this and failed. But because I work with a guy who codes and was able to help fix the issues others and myself are having.

    I am working on OS X Yosemite Version 10.10.5 (iMac 27-inch, Late 2013) The Illustrator I am using is Adobe Illustrator CC 2015.3.1 Release (20.1.0).

    I installed this script according to the instructions above and when I open Illustrator I cannot open a PDF period.. it is greyed out and when I browse for the file it is blank when I click it. Thus failing.

    The fix to this…. in the top right corner of my iMac I have a little magnify glass to search..

    Search> terminal >Return Key *Click and drag the PDF file you want to open into this terminal. You will see the files or example my file is /User/Jennifer/Documents/FIleName.pdf

    I will Copy (Do not include ” in Copy only for text to copy) “/Documents/FileName.PDF” and paste this in the blank box when opening your file in front of this file name type “~” that character… select page and OPEN! BOOM!!! PROBLEM SOLVED… Now someone fix this code so we can do this!!!

    The Result will be

    This was my fix, I hope it helps anyone else who is struggling with the newer versions.

    Thanks, JENNIFER!
    and the guy who helped me code: RAD (Rapid Application Development)
    Go show him the LOVE! <3

  43. Great plugin,

    but now my preferences – units are set to “asian – points”?
    Its also greyed out so i cant change it?
    All my measurements are forced to view as points but i need them to be in inches..

  44. Wow, thanks a lot, this is awesome script.

    I’m really happy I don’t need to open 100 pages manually 🙂

    Btw, for info, it’s work with CS6, I just copy the script to adobe script folder on C crive.

  45. I am having trouble getting the script to work on a recent PDF I have. It was created and exported from word. It will not open any of the specified pages. It will open a blank page and stop without any further processing. It works fine with other PDF files I have opened. Does the export origin effect wether or not the script works?

  46. this isn’t working for CC15 on mac 10.11.4 on a pdf created in power point. The Mtools-open Multipage PDF window comes up but when I enter the name of the document and the number of pages and hit open nothing happens.

  47. I join those who have found this script a joy to have (and it’s cool that you included an alert popup—it said my first attempt “opened 20 pages in 47.33 seconds” earlier ü ). Works with Illustrator CS6 on OS X 10.6.8. Can’t wait for the other scripts downloaded to save me time when put to task.
    Huge thanks for your work!

  48. Any chance of a MacOS 10.11 version running Illustrator CC 2015?

    When I run the script under 10.11 the UI comes up and I can click on FILE to open the file browser. When I select the PDF I need and the browser window closes it just returns me to the MTool UI. The file path doesn’t show and the OPEN button stays greyed out. Alternatively I can type out the file path manually and then I’m able to hit the OPEN button. Mtool then opens a bunch of windows then tell me exactly 1 page was opened in so many seconds but the UI stays there, the different windows stay there, most of them blank and nothing gets merged into a single document.

    I have used this script on older machines and its a great time saver. Would love an update.

    1. Same issue here, “open” button greyed out. It was working the past few months like a charm, but all of a sudden it’s not.
      I reinstalled the script with no luck. Did anyone find a work around?

  49. It worked perfectly with AI CS6. I openned a PDF that was 56 pages long in less than a minute. When I was openning them it looked like all the pages were overlapping but when it finished everything was perfect.

    Thanks!! 🙂

  50. Hi Carlos,

    The script seems to work until it gets to the last pop up where it says “15 pages opened in 71 secs” and I hit “ok” and then it just spins and doesn’t do anything. I have to shut down Illustrator each time. I’m opening fairly small PDF files, roughly under 30 pages.

    Can anyone offer any insight? I’m running the latest version of Illustrator.

  51. Hi,
    I found this plugin really cool and it helped me to open multiple pages saving alot of my time..

    But I found that it changed the content like few texts were aligned properly and now they are not.

    And how to reuse that plugin from Illustrator? does it add to some menu item or we need to run that file from outside each time?

    Thanks in advance..

  52. Hola! Yo tengo el Illustrator CC2015, ya descargué el script y lo guardé en la carpeta de Scripts de Illustrator, voy al programa y doy Archivo/ Secuencia de comandos / Otra secuencia de Comandos/ Me abre la ventana para abrir el Script, lo abro y me aparece la ventana de MTools para seleccionar el archivo PDF que quiero abrir, pero al momento de seleccionarlo no me abre el archivo, ya intenté con otros PDF y nada, lo selecciono pero no me aparece el nombre y me pone en gris la opción de open en color gris, es decir, no puedo abrir ningun PDF.. Ayudaaaa!! Uso mac y acabo de instalar el CC 2015.
    Quedo en espera de su respuesta.


    1. ¡Buenas Ana Isabel!, a mi me pasa exactamente lo mismo, ¿al final pudiste solucionarlo? es que no hallo la forma de como abrirlo, a mi también me sale la opción de “Open” en gris, si sabes como hacerlo te agradecería grandemente que me ayudaras, mil gracias. 🙂

  53. Downloaded, copied to adobe>>Adobe Illustrator CS6 (64 Bit)>>presets>>en_US>>scripts in both program files and program files x86 and even tried in just the program file instead of both but still only get the open one page at a time dialog box. I have Windows 7 64 bit and Illustrator CS6. Can anyone provide me with some clear install instructions? Thanks in advance.

  54. Wow. this is incredible! A real life saver.
    It helped me restore a ‘broken’ PDF I had saved for illustrator a while back.
    I could open it all up again in illustrator all in one go, and use all the bits I needed for my work rather than going through 30 pages individually to put back into artboards which I couldn’t face..

    So I just donated a little something. Lets not forget to support this fantastic resource.

  55. Hi, Tried using the script for a 40 page pdf and it’s opening each page and pasting them all onto one artboard rather than 40 separate artboards, am I doing something wrong?!

  56. Thank you, Carlos. This is great because it actually worked. But since I had images/artwork that spilled over to the next artboard, those particular elements got cut in half. I’m not sure if that makes sense. I guess I will have to resort to re-doing all 30 pages of my portfolio.

    Just in case, is there any way around this error?

  57. Hey, this seems to keep on crashing Ai CC. Is there anything I can do to complete the script?

    The PDF I’m trying is 138 pages and it runs all the way through and then stops at page 39 of the “re positioning pages”.

    I then tried it for only 50 pages and then it stalls Ai after completing.

  58. Hi Chris,
    This is awesome script I’ve ever seen before, but I have some question about that:
    1. If the PDF have multi-Layers, when I used the script, that will only export layer1 item.
    2. About the error message, the script will auto ignore them?


    This script is fantastic. You have saved me sooooo much time.

    {Just a note : I have found that in using this script i need to start at page 1.. if i try to start it at another page the script just hangs until I force stop it. I use CS4}

  60. This is awesome!! I installed it in the latest version of Adobe CC and it seems to work perfectly. I installed it (as the other user below did) by downloading and unzipping the file, and then going to File > Scripts > Other Script and opening the PDF.

    I added a page by adding another artboard at the end of the line that’s the same size as the other artboards. Very flexible.

  61. Awesome!! Thanks so much. Illustrator CS5 for Mac

    I did access the script through AI it worked just fine. I eventually copied it to the Presets> Scripts folder in AI for easy access.

    FYI – I can’t print to PDF using Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro 9.5.5 for Mac. Just throwing it out there in case you have a solution. LOL!! I’ve searched and can’t find anything that works.

  62. hi,
    im on OSX with Ai CC 18.1.1
    i apply the script but get this:

    Cannot execute script in target engine ‘session’!
    (#57) Engine ‘session’ does not exists!

    any ideas ?

  63. Absolutely superb, installed on CC Illustrator 2015 and it works perfectly, thank you!

    To people having problems, make sure the script is put into your presets/your language/ scripts folder and not any other script folder, then it should work.

      1. Hey, I desperately want this script to work but it loads each page quite slowly (i.e. 10 pages opened in 363.95 seconds). Then when I hit “OK” I get a spinning wheel of death and Illustrator CC 2015 becomes unresponsive then I have to force quit.

        Any suggestions as to why this script won’t work for me?


  64. Error 22:Window does not contains constructor(translated from polish)
    -> var win = new Window (“dialog”, “MTools – Open Multipage PDF”);

    Using AI CS6 while loading script

  65. Hi, I downloaded your script today. I have Ai CC 2015 version and the script windows appear but doesn’t work (when I press open button nothing happens). Any idea?
    Thank you!

  66. Ok the update to CC 2015 makes this script no longer work…

    Please look into an update… I’ll pay for it if need be, I use it daily!

    Please respond back to me that you can look into fixing this…pleaseeee I’m sure everyone will be needing this ASAP

    Might I suggest a few updates… like spacing, artboard columns, and Artboard units (inches or whatever instead of just pixels), and to be able to match the PDF bleed with the artboard bleed.

  67. Carlos,
    Had your script running and worked AWESOME! Just did most recent update on CC 2015 and your script is gone. added it again but still won’t see it. Any ideas?

  68. Hi Carlos,

    i’ve got some large files that are about 65 or more pages and i’m trying to get this to work in CS6 but it just shows that it is opening page 41 over and over and over.
    i saw one of the previous comments that said it had issues over 40 pages too. is there a limit to 40 artboards with this script?



  69. I am working on a catalog containing 91 pages. There are bunch of Arabic language matter in the document. I wanted to import 91 pages without substitution of fonts. I wanted to convert the whole text into curved object. This plugin great for importing 91 pages but I see a lot of junk on every page bcoz this tool is substituting with other compatible fonts. Kindly help.


    M. Asghar


    Thank you for making so many people’s lives easier.

    Adobe, I love your programs (for the most part)

    but the way you deal with bugs and deficiencies as a company sucks!

  71. Did not work for me. When I try to open a PDF it does nothing. I browse, select PDF, click “open” and then it goes back to the initial dialogue box unaffected. The PDF had not been selected, the file name did not populate the text box… and the final “open” into Illustrator is grayed out.

    Ai CS5.1 for Mac

  72. Brilliant!…. simply worked as intended… Thankyou for filling the void,… an oversight from ADOBE… if ever you find yourself in Melbourne, Australia… sing out and a slab of beer will be waiting for you!
    thanks again

  73. hallo Carlos,
    best regards, I am very poor about illustrator and having the problem about you solve, but I need to know where I should place the file in the directory.
    please help me on the way.

  74. Does the PDF need to be saved a certain way for this to work?
    I am having issues. My text seems to be squished and my images are coming out like negatives.
    This worked PERFECTLY on my first PDF, but not any of my other PDFs.

  75. I’m trying to open a 7 page .pdf in CS6 and this script only opens 4 of them. I’ve tried adjusting the page range and still just 4 pages. How can I get all 7 pages to open?

  76. It seemed to hang up on the page selection options. I chose to start on page 9 of a pdf and end on 23. It didn’t seem able to process this. I went back and started it on 1 to 23 and it worked.

  77. I have a few *.pdf documents I’m trying to utilize this script for that are 100+ pages. I was hoping to sort of break it up into turning a single 140+ page pdf into 2-4 *.ai files using this script but the script seems to become non-responsive when I tell it to begin at pages greater than 40.. I was wondering if you have any thoughts about this or any success with having it being able to process more than 40 pages at a single time.

    Other than that this is a great script, just in our application case so close but no cigar! Really hoping that there is some sort of solution I can find to this…



  78. I am working with “fillable” pdf’s. Normally, I would just “SAVE” when I would make changes in Illustrator, but with this script, it requires me to “Save As” and I lose all of the “fillable” form field when the pdf opens again. Is there a way to preserve the “fillable form fields” using this script?

  79. Thanks , such a life saver !!!

    I suggest to edit line 61
    var fileRef = File.openDialog (“Select PDF…”, “*.ai,*.pdf”);

    for some reason certain ai are treated as pdf ( perhaps created in newer version of illustrator )

  80. It was working just fine for me, I updated to yosemite, and it stopped working, giving me an error :

    Adobe Illustrator got an error: Can’t get alias “Macintosh HD:Users:Evene:Documents:Prez.pdf”. (-1728)

    Event: doProcess(1, 100.0, 6, “acrossdown”, true)
    Script: application

  81. Question: looking at the code, when you did the multi-layers based on each page…was that the only way you could get it to work? I was wondering if it was possible to get the pages to all open in one layer.

  82. I’d like to know if it’s possible to adjust the script?
    We’d like to import the pages on 10%…
    We produce traffic signs and they can be very big sometimes!
    The script does it’s work, but when it’s ready and we’d like to view things in AI (zoom out workspace) AI crashes.
    I think if the pages are smaller it’ll work just fine.
    SO all I need to know is how to alter the script and in what line??

  83. Hi Carlos, sometimes it works great, other times it just doesnt open no matter how long I wait. I have a large pdf (600+ pages). I am opening a limited range of pages i.e 90-110. The program just hangs out no matter how long I wait. I often have to do this multiple times and then when I get lucky it kicks in.

    Any suggestions?


  84. Great Script!

    Hey Carlos thank you for this free script that you made for us, btw i have one question, why is the script only limits exactly 99pages? i have 416 pages but i divided it to 6 x 64 and 1 x 32 so a total of 416 pages. if i encode the numerical value from 65 to 128, noting happens only blank page appears thank you, hope to hear if from you soon.

    1. Illustrator only allows 100 artboards, I could have the script continue opening pages without matching them to artboards…next version.

      for now, make 5 files, if you need to save them back to pdf, use Acrobat to assemble.

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      1. Carlos, use the google translator when you don’t know the language and it helps somewhat.


        I have need to strengthen the programs of yourselves with me and believe me, if money spent on these programs and what Bkhalt Forgive me but I am a little weak capital structure a little trick and do not want to Borrowed only for programs

  86. WOOOW! finally it worked. I just had to open the PDF document by right clicking it and open with adobe illustrator just as simple as that and then “KABOOM” there it was with all the pages, am so happy right now, i didn’t use the previous process of opening adobe illustrator first then opening the file, i just opened the PDF file directly where it was with adobe illustrator. I SALUTE YOU MAN, your plugin is really amazing.

  87. Hello carlos, you are a life saver to most graphic designers including me. I have downloaded that plugin and copied it in those illustrator files(“presets” then “en_GB” then “scripts”) but here is my problem, when i open adobe illustrator (mine is cs5), i go to “file” then “scripts” then “Ai_open multipagePDF….” it opens those pages but when the pages open, most of the things are missing. You find maybe an image of artboard 1 is also in artboard 2 or some texts of artboard 1 are in 2 and there nothing else. What should i do?

  88. Thanks a bunch! However, I am still stuck :/

    I was sent an illustrator artwork file with 10 pages all on different artboards. Illustrator tries to open each individual page as a pdf. Well, I installed the script but now it won’t open the ai file format. What should I do? I need to somehow convert the file into a pdf to be able to open it through the script but not sure how to do that when I can only open 1 page at a time.

    Also, it was sent to me from a mac, and I have a pc. Not sure if that makes a difference.


  89. Tengkyu Mas Bro! Kesewun banget temenan !! It’s very useful. The Javanese poem cause of your kind:

    Mbedul suket nang pinggir lapangan
    Aja dibuang mbok menawa ana ndoge
    Sirah mumet mikiri gawean
    Dadi ilang bar nemu cara nang blog gye

  90. Hi, it worked for me on the first file i was working on, it opened 70 pages at one go. Brilliant!!! thanks!!!

    However, i tried using it on another pdf files and it didnt work.

    So i figure the second file is “corrupted” or something, but when i tried again on the first file, bizzarely it also did not seem to work. I am on PC running CS5 btw.

    Thanks again Carlos

    1. I only tried with about 35 pages, I don’t think there’s a page number limit, if anything it would depend on how complex is the context of each page and the resources available in your system.

      let us know how many pages you can open without crashing.

  91. Script works good … BUT … is there a limitation on the quantity of pages that the script will open?
    I am trying to open approx. 100 pages of a PDF… the script seems to crash!?
    Any thought? Thanks!

  92. All I can say is…. THANK YOU. I needed a pdf resizer and then that software left a watermark, i then needed to remove the watermark on illustrator to edit all the pages. I’m so glad i stumbled upon this. Lol all because the pages of the pdf were the wrong size. still a huge thank you!