Author: Paal Joachim

SSB Super Speed Blazer high speed USB flash drive containing Windows to Go. Portable. Play newest PC games.
The Super Speed Blazer. High speed USB Flash drive containing Windows to Go and Bootcamp.

The Super Speed Blazer (SSB) is a high speed portable flash drive containing Windows to Go and Bootcamp. Can be used with the Mac and other OS computers. Plug in the SSB flash drive and easily boot up into the Windows environment.

Top features: Access the newest Windows Games and other software. Save hard drive space. Get almost instant Windows. Very portable. Put the USB in your pocket and bring it with you.

Go to the Indiegogo campaign to learn more. I am sharing this here at as I believe it would also be helpful for you who visit this site to have easy access to a portable Windows environment. I am also helping out with the project.


Armature wireframing tool Illustrator

The Armature Drag N Drop Wireframing Tool
for Illustrator

Ready-made Objects for Just About Everything

Conceptualize web and mobile layouts quickly and efficiently by simply adding objects to any artboard. Armature’s well-organized, fully searchable library contains headers, footers, menus, tabs, toggles, tooltips, placeholders, content blocks, form elements and even complete layouts—the list goes on.

I made a video showing how Armature works. The extension is pretty neat and easy to use. I was very pleasantly surprised!
I believe this will be a tool that I will use over and over again to conceptulize web sites I create before going into WordPress and creating them.


Here is the front page wireframe I made with Armature.

Frontpage wireframe made in Illustrator with Armature extension



  • Easily Build Your Own Wireframes
    No need to purchase a separate wireframing program or hire someone else to handle building out your site’s wireframes. Now with the Armature wireframing extension to Adobe Illustrator, you can create your own wireframes.
  • Simple to Use
    If you’re familiar with Illustrator, creating wireframes will be a snap. Simply add objects to any artboard and you’ll quickly have your wireframes built out. Just use the drag-and-drop functionality to put things in place. It couldn’t be easier!
  • Highly Organized, Resourceful Library
    Armature’s library isn’t just well organized, it’s also highly searchable. You’ll find everything you need to build a website including headers, menus, tabs, footers, placeholders, tooltips, toggles, content blocks, form elements, and more!
  • Web and Mobile
    You can use Armature to build wireframes not just for the Web but for mobile devices as well. The panels include everything you’d need to quickly build mobile views.
  • Complete Layouts
    You’ll get a number of complete layouts to make your wireframing even easier. Take advantage of complete layouts such as blogs, ecommerce, portfolios, sign-ins, calendars, and tables!


To get the easy to use Illustrator extension wireframing tool go to

I am making this site so Carlos and others can host their Illustrator and other scripts here….