14 thoughts on “Fit Object to Artboard

  1. Just what I am looking for… well almost, ha! Any chance of version 1 still available? I am trying to automate as much as possible and don’t need any user input boxes. Just matching a single image to the artboard. Also, any chance of getting this in vbscript (or at least maybe VBA as I know that is what you prefer), so I can add to my vbscript rather than interaction with Illustrator.

  2. hello,
    very nice script.

    is there the possibility to delete the old object and only to keep the duplicated one?

  3. hii!version 2 it work amazing also in ai CC2016 , but i found 2 problems
    1) when there are some clipplig area. It keep note of the whole size of the different compoment of the artwork ignoring the clipped area,
    2)When it is resized, it didn’t place the artwork in the page

    tks Luca

  4. Hello, 2016 called and even though typed print is hard to convey gratitude, here I am thanking you for this. I would like to know if I missed the update that allows to keep proportion you may have gotten around to creating. Thanks!

  5. Is there a way to modify this script so it keeps the objects proportions in tact and scales to maximum height or width depending on the images proportions?

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